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David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King scared me silly. Was it the fact he would just steal a baby brother like it was no big thing I had only recently got a baby brother of my own , or was it his too tight trousers? A combination of both perhaps? Either way, friends will know the terror I harbour for Jareth and his labyrinth. My wife also does a fine impression of The Junk Lady from Labyrinth to freak me out from time to time — give me Freddy and Jason any day, yeesh.

However, at the ripe old age of five my Dad took me to go and see The Empire Strikes Back , a film that has since become my all-time favourite, but rather than cower from the black cloaked form of the villainous Darth Vader, it was the little old Jedi Master that had me trembling with fear.

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Only time will tell if it has the same impact on my own youngling…. At the age of nine, watching anyone peel off their face will leave behind a mental scar. I've always had a softer spot for the film than most, and might have over-analysed the programming code in the film in slightly too much depth in the past. But even though it's a notable tonal and quality change from the two movies that came before it, I've always enjoyed it. Partly as a Richard Pryor comedy, and partly because it sees Christopher Reeve do some of his best work in blue tights, in the infamous Superman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice fight sequence.

I mean, just look at her. Never mind that she was defeated easily enough, it was the fact that Evil Vera existed in the first place. Not bloody me The sheer unadulterated joy that Scar has while implementing his Shakespearian plan when he kills Mufasa and banishes Simba in The Lion King will stay with me for as long as I live.

Casting Jeremy Irons, a brilliant actor who specialises in playing exceptionally deviant characters was a brilliant move by Disney that would leave a generation of children like myself scarred yep for life. Consider for a moment that Scar is one of the few characters in a Disney movie who commits cold blooded murder.

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If witnessing a brutal murder on screen isn't enough for you, perhaps blaming the murder on a child might also compel you to run from the theatre in sheer terror as you begin to wonder if this same scenario could happen to you? To make matters worse Scar also manipulates a bunch of ravenous hyenas to help him maintain his control of the pride and these hyenas are literally driven to the point of insanity by hunger and therefore become capable of anything including attempting to murder a child. When Scar eventually finds out that these hyenas did not do their job his unbridled anger at their failure is the stuff that fuelled nightmares in my mind for years.

Disney also decided seemingly just for fun that Scar's final confrontation with Simba would take place with the jungle burning around them and perhaps not so coincidentally the aesthetics of this scene resemble the Judeo-Christian version of Hell which seemed far too realistic for me. Thanks for the nightmares Disney. To be honest, I probably fancied Wednesday Addams as much as I was frightened of her. Christina Ricci and I were born in the same month and seeing a girl your own age in a movie is pretty heavy crush material for an eleven year-old boy. The hormonal hum of proto-adolescence no doubt made her all the scarier and gave me an additional reason to scarper in the unlikely event that she pitched up in my Midlands cul-de-sac.

And Wednesday was scary. Sure The Addams Family resounded with horror tropes and general spidery gruesomeness but for the most part it was all played for laughs, more Carry On Screaming than Dracula, Prince of Darkness. But Wednesday? Great, Flatliners Babies. Stayed with me for years. The scariest movie character from my childhood? Not Freddy. Not Jason. It was the E. This antebellum plantation was established around , and was apparently built on an ancient Tunica Indian burial ground.

Numerous mysterious illnesses, poisonings, and murders have reportedly occurred at the house — including that of William Drew Winter, an attorney who lived at the house from to After he was shot by a stranger, he staggered into the house and died trying to climb the stairs. Visitors and employees say they often hear his dying footsteps. Additionally, guests have woken up completely tucked into their beds, furniture has moved on its own, a grand piano has played by itself, and handprints have inexplicably appeared in various places. The man went for help and when he returned, his wife was nowhere to be found.

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Others who have exited their vehicles to explore the wreck site say they found handprints all over the windshield upon return. Hundreds of visitors to this historic battlefield have reported seeing both Union and Confederate soldiers, in uniform, wandering the grounds as if they are lost. Sure, they could simply be Civil War re-enactors who stayed out at the local tavern for too long and forgot the way home, or they could be the ghosts of the more than 23, casualties at this site back in The spookiest part of the property is called Bloody Lane, where approximately 5, men were killed or wounded, then stacked on top of one another in a sunken road.

Damian S. Oh, and by the way, there have been numerous reports of apparition sightings, cold spots, and even screams, cries, and the sound of Lizzie laughing — so sleep tight. Karl W. Among the spiritual sightings, guests in Room 17 have been haunted by a prostitute named Lucy who worked in the Sauk Centre House brothel before it burned down in , and she is especially agitated around men. During a recent stay, a Chicago ghost-hunting group allegedly recorded a temperature of -1 degree Fahrenheit in the room.

Another common complaint involves the noise coming from people renting rooms on the floor above some guests. Oddly, this issue is only raised by those staying on the top floor. Ashley H. Shortly after, he hired a year-old girl named Madeline to be a server, and he had an affair with her. When Mrs. These events may have sparked the hauntings, which are responsible for shadowy forms, heat emitting from the fireplace when no flame was lit, mysterious footprints appearing inside, randomly slamming doors sometimes when Madeline is mentioned , crying baby noises, and countless other mysterious happenings.

Brian M. After the untimely death of his son, Frederick, due to heart failure in , and the passing of his best friend also named Frederick, and the owner of the Pabst Brewing Company in , the namesake of the William J. Lemp Brewing Co. In the next few decades, three of his children would die in the same way. Daughter Elsa killed herself in her own home in , and William J. Lemp Jr.

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Today, the house is a restaurant, mystery dinner theater, bar, inn, gift shop, and museum. A ghost town full of ghosts? Around town, numerous entities are said to hang at the local saloon, a little girl ghost is known to sit on the steps of a costume shop, a piano-playing apparition haunts the opera house, and the Bonanza Inn once a hospital is home to the spirit of a nun. If you want to learn more about hauntings and history, take the local ghost tour. Just your typical haunted cemetery here. You know the deal: the ghost of a tall male who walks around in the middle of the night attacking and strangling visitors, unexplainable bruises appearing randomly after visits, the faint voice of a woman followed by maniacal laughter, strange ectoplasm mists appearing in photographs, and headstones tipping over and rising back up on their own.

Adding to the frights, the very-much-alive, shotgun-toting next-door neighbors guard the cemetery at night, so you might want to pass on visiting this one without permission. Neon C. While some hotel owners embrace their ghost stories, the Goldfield Hotel tries to persuade guests not to believe them. As the legend goes, both mother and daughter were killed after the birth. Findly in and one stabbing that was blamed on a local ghost.

The elegant woman in Victorian dress is often spotted in the hallways of the hotel, but perhaps the most common sighting of the beloved Caroline is in Room , where guests report seeing the vision of the woman sitting at the edge of the bed. After the housekeeper tidied the room the next morning — brought new towels, put away the ironing board, and made the bed — the guest noticed an imprint in the sheets and cover as if someone had lain down to take a nap.

Originally opened as the New Jersey State Lunatic Asylum at Morris Plains in , the 1,acre property once held more than 7, patients and has been known as one of the most haunted places in the state for quite a while. Staab and his wife, Julia, had six children. A seventh died soon after his birth. This sent Julia into a deep depression, and after several other unsuccessful pregnancies, she confined herself to her room until she ultimately died in at the age of Her presence continued to live on in the property.

To honor her, the hotel staff makes sure to invite her to parties held in the house and greet her when they enter her bedroom. On Nov. A year later, George and Kathy Lutz and their three children moved into the house and claimed to have been terrorized by paranormal phenomena the entire time they lived there. They lasted 28 days before moving out. Lesley L. The Grove Park Inn has had a ghost roaming its halls for more than half a century, and she is referred to as the Pink Lady because of the flowing pink gown she wears.

She is reportedly still seen on the property, especially by young children. Some say they just see a pink mist, others a full apparition of a young, long-haired beauty in a pink gown. CHI St. Before it was CHI St. Alexius Health Dickinson, the hospital was St. Joseph's Hospital. One former employee tells the tale of a year-old farmer who checked into the hospital with a serious illness. After his third night there, he emerged from his room and told the nurse he had enough and was leaving. She said goodbye and let him walk out the door. About 10 minutes later, a different nurse who had been making rounds announced that the farmer had just died — in his hospital bed. From its conception in , this place had a bad reputation — and not just because it housed criminals.

In all, more than people died at the reformatory before it closed in The ghosts of Warden Glattke and his wife who died on the grounds from natural and accidental causes, respectively , a year-old former inmate who was beaten to death , and other various inmates and employees still haunt the location.

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Like many hauntings, this one also started with a scandal. William Balser Skirvin, the original owner, impregnated his maid mistress named Effie sometime in the early s, and kept her on the top floor of the building to hide her pregnancy. Even after the baby was born, both were imprisoned on the top floor and never allowed to leave. According to the legend, Effie became so distraught and stir-crazy that she leapt from the highest point of the hotel with the baby in her arms.

Guests and employees alike have since heard the phantom cries of a baby and seen a nude female apparition in the hotel, with the former being so loud that some guests report losing sleep. The popular legend surrounding this cemetery states that a witch was hanged here in the s and she placed a curse on the town before her execution — saying it shall burn to the ground three times.

According to one story, his mother was a gypsy, and she apparently was the one who cursed the town. Some of these folks even emerged with razor-like scratches on their backs. The stories became so prevalent that the cemetery was eventually closed for good, and a no-trespassing sign was added.

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David H. Established in , this bed and breakfast is steeped in Civil War history. Take advantage of ghost stories in the cellar, ghost walks in the cemetery, and even a ghost hunt with professional equipment in order to see if the stories are true. The inn also offers an outdoor beer garden for guests — probably to help them forget their fears and get some sleep at night. The most unique aspect of this ghost story is that the scares have existed for almost years, and the biggest panic took place all the way back in The rumor has never been confirmed, but in the third season of the Comedy Central cartoon, Kenny's Halloween costume is a replica of ED Star Wars Interviews Comics Watch.

July 14, am by Ryan Parker. Kevin Page was hurt when his character was being shot to pieces, even yelling out in pain after cut was called.

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