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CEO Tyler Miller. KCSO alone has put over 1, applicants through the system.

Employee background verification can be tricky

With eSOPH, agencies are able to build their own unlimited number questionnaires and other documents such as waivers, agreements and other pages used during the background investigation process. An Agency User simply selects the position the applicant applied for within the system, and the system sends all questionnaires and other documents for the applicant to complete online, specific to the position they have applied.

Applicants can upload other documents and even images, as required by an agency's instructions. When the applicant has completed their background documents, the assigned agency user is notified and can begin processing the background. Agencies are also able to control how long records are kept on the system via settable criteria, as well as download and keep the complete background files on disc, at their agency. The admin user can create a wide range of different permission levels for different system Users to help better control User access and ensure compliance with privacy laws.

For more information, please visit the eSOPH information website at www.

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You've been successfully signed up for the PoliceOne Career Newsletter. All Distributors. A lot of jobs are being subjected to standard and enhanced disclosure checks for jobs where they have no right to seek that information. There is a growing tendency for employers to run a check on any job that involves even potential contact with children or vulnerable adults.

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The other issue is that we've got positions that may be eligible for a standard check but an enhanced level check is being carried out instead. Unlike a standard disclosure where convictions, cautions, final warnings and reprimands are reported, an enhanced check also returns "soft information", which might include additional notes from local police forces including allegations that never led to a conviction. On one level the inclusion of this information can be essential - its omission in the background check run on Ian Huntley might have been a factor in allowing him to work close to children.

But on another, this soft information can have a devastating affect on the employment prospects of people, for whom the concept of "innocent until proven guilty" has been disregarded.

Last year Terry applied for a job in the hospitality industry. His position should not have been subject to a disclosure check, as it did not require regular contact with children or vulnerable adults - but his employer sought an enhanced level check. Terry didn't object because he had never been in trouble with the police.

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When the disclosure was returned he was shocked to see details of an allegation that he had hit his partner - Terry denies that this ever happened. Although the allegation was never fully investigated or ever came to court, Terry's employer refused an offer of employment.

Nacro points out that currently there's very little that you can do to purge this sort of information from your records and, although you can dispute information on your disclosure, Barrett says the police are often unwilling to re-investigate allegations from so long in the past.

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What makes the matter worse is that there is very little recourse for people who have been discriminated against. In fact most of the time employers are not even aware that they've signed up to it.

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The other thing is that employers are routinely refusing to employ, or are dismissing people, on the basis of old or irrelevant cautions or convictions. If you're refused employment on the basis of a criminal background, then you're stuck. The reality is that employers can get away with this sort of thing.

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Such is the culture of discrimination that it has led to a situation where self-exclusion is the norm - people with criminal records realise that it's pointless even applying for jobs which require disclosure. Of the 2. Despite this self-exclusion, Barrett says it's a myth that this will cause people to re-offend. All that will happen is that they will lead diminished lives.

Incredibly, despite the Data Protection Act giving you some access to your criminal record, you cannot access the soft information which would be returned if an employer performed an enhanced disclosure. The closest you can get is to perform a subject access check.