Background investigation guidelines for the investigator

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Any alias or maiden names previously used by the applicant will also appear in this search. Should any additional areas or names appear within the previous 7 years, the client will be notified and asked whether they would like additional searches on each additional name and area. This search also verifies the validity of the social security number provided by the applicant.

A search of statewide criminal convictions for misdemeanors and felonies in a state.

Investigative Standards for Background Investigations

Most states require a statewide statutory fee to conduct this search. See Pros and Cons Below.

This is a criminal search at the federal level. Federal crimes include bank robbery, drug trafficking, embezzlement, crimes that cross state lines and crimes that occur on federal property such as a military base. The federal-level criminal convictions search is based upon jurisdiction of residency.

Applicant Background Investigation Information

Should any adverse findings be discovered, the report will be flagged, so the client will be alerted. The Bankruptcy, Liens and Judgments Search is a great alternative to credit reports. Use this search when applicable to position s. Benefits of the Bankruptcy, Liens and Judgment Search:. Be aware that there are guidelines and restrictions with regard to reporting on adverse findings as they relate to specific background investigations. A countywide civil search researches a specific county for liens, judgments, civil cases and bankruptcies that may be listed in the applicant records.

How Much Does a Background Investigation Cost?

This search is conducted by exact name and date of birth. This is a county level search for civil court records. Civil records are generally divided between the upper and the lower courts based on the monetary amount of the claim.

Alliance will always search both the upper and lower courts for our clients. Civil records contain records of lawsuits, small claims, and judgments, and other money related matters. Report results include comprehensive docket summary information, including returns file date, parties involved, cause of action and case status when cases are uncovered. A few Federal District court fees impose access fees.

The legal use of credit reports during background investigations depends upon many factors including the role and responsibility of the employee. Conducting a credit report is illegal in many states for pre-employment purposes unless you have a permissible purpose based on the applicant position. This information is verified through the Human Resources department in which employee records are kept.

Per company policy, many entities are only able to verify the position held and start and end date for employees. However, the effort to obtain all information will always be made. Our efforts include 5 attempts to contact the employers. We also flag an employment verification if we were unable to compete the verification for whatever reason. Current enrollment may also be verified for internships, applicants who are minors, and per client request.

District of District of Columbia

The information we obtain includes, but may not be limited to, graduation date, degree received, major s , GPA, and honors claimed. General Education Diplomas may also be verified. Five attempts at verification will be made. Reference verifications are conducted by contacting individuals, provided by the applicant or client, with whom they have worked in a professional capacity or know personally. Each institution is expected to establish guidance that is in the range of the guidelines below.

If the institution determines the employee is not eligible for employment, continued employment or to receive a purchase card, an adverse action notice must then be sent to the candidate. This notice must include:. Notice should be included in all job postings that finalists will be required to submit to a background investigation. The institution shall set guidelines for assigning the cost of performing a background investigation.

The Hiring Department is responsible for confirming the employment history and credentials of an applicant before having the Hiring Office initiate the Background Investigation and before extending an offer of employment. The Hiring Office shall give the Hiring Department all required employment paperwork, including the Consent Forms, to be given to the final candidate.

With respect to the promotion of existing employees, the institution shall implement a procedure for obtaining the Consent Form from the employee prior to initiating the Background Investigation. If the top candidate is not hired for the involved position e. If the candidate next selected for the position has already signed the Consent Form, then the Hiring Office will immediately initiate the investigation process. Background Investigation reports are submitted directly to the Hiring Office by the entity performing the investigation.

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The BIO is responsible for determining the eligibility of the selected candidate for employment with the institution. The Hiring Office should notify the Hiring Department of this determination. The Background Investigation report shows no convictions : the selected candidate is eligible for employment.

The Background Investigation report shows one or more felony convictions or conviction of one or more crimes of moral turpitude : the selected candidate is ineligible for employment with the institution in a position of trust. Prior to making this final determination, the Hiring Office must give a pre-adverse action disclosure to the candidate. The candidate must be given an opportunity a minimum of three days to provide an explanation in writing of the circumstances surrounding the results of the Background Investigation, including any mitigating factors, and have this explanation considered prior to the finalization of the hiring decision.

The Hiring Office will notify the Hiring Department of this determination. If the candidate is unsuccessful in showing no felony convictions or convictions of crimes of moral turpitude, then the candidate is ineligible for employment in a position of trust. An adverse action notice must then be sent to the candidate.


The Background Investigation report shows one or more criminal convictions and the applicant is not applying for a position of trust:. The criminal convictions were all disclosed by the selected candidate. The BIO will determine whether the candidate is eligible for the involved position based on the job description and the nature of the crimes for which the candidate was convicted.

The criminal convictions were not disclosed by the selected candidate. This notification will be accompanied by a pre-adverse action disclosure.

It is not the responsibility of the institution to discover research or verify that there are possible mitigating factors. The burden of proof to present mitigating factors rests entirely with the applicant. Background investigation reports on new or existing employees shall remain with the Hiring Office until the determination on employment or promotion eligibility has been made and then stored separate from the employees personnel file. Criminal and financial background checks on employees must be securely stored and destroyed in accordance with applicable laws and the USG records retention schedule for a period of five 5 years.

Reports for all non-successful applicants for employment and applicants for promotion must be stored and destroyed in accordance with applicable laws and the University System of Georgia USG record retention guidelines for documents three 3 years. In an effort to protect the privacy of information and reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft, institutions must take appropriate protective measures to properly store and dispose of sensitive information gathered from background investigations.

The responsibilities each party has in connection with the Policy on Background Investigation are:. This website uses cookies.