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How much does that cost? Although the Westchester County Archives has marriage records from , they are for genealogical purposes only. Death records are not available at the Westchester County Archives.

In order to obtain a copy of the record, you need to contact the clerk of the local municipality where the death took place. Since , copies of all birth, marriage and death certificates have been filed with the New York State Department of Public Health in Albany.

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I need a copy of a death certificate. How can I obtain one? Most of the bonds were destroyed or damaged in the fire at the New York State Library.

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In a law was enacted requiring school districts to keep records of births, marriages, and deaths. While the law was not a complete failure, compliance was scattered, and some towns that began to record vital events quickly stopped. Originals of a few of these records are still with the town and county clerks or have been placed in historical societies. Also useful for the nineteenth century are the marriages and deaths listed in the and New York state censuses for the census period ending 31 May of those years the census also included deaths of officers and enlisted men.

The fight in New York for adoptees to access their birth records

Marriages and deaths were also recorded in the state census but without names. The statistics of births, marriages, and deaths for each household recorded in the , , and censuses can sometimes be used to advantage. An attempt by the state to collect death records was begun in in which the assessor of each town or ward was directed to accumulate the data.

This law was repealed in Another attempt by the state to require the keeping of vital records was made in , and this law is the basis for the recording of births, marriages, and deaths in New York today. The record was made in the town, village, or city in which the event took place and, after being recorded there in ledger volumes , the original certificate was sent to Albany, where alphabetical indexes of names are arranged by event and then by year.

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Today, the original certificate is forwarded to the Department of Health, with the local registrar keeping a duplicate copy. Each index entry lists the name, date of event, place, and certificate number; no maiden names or marital status are shown for deaths, and ages at death are given only from Since compliance with the law was slow, many events were not recorded.

This applies only to births recorded at least seventy-five years ago and to marriages and deaths recorded fifty years ago and earlier. Copies can also be obtained from the New York Department of Health, Vital Records Section, Genealogy Unit , but a long delay for a response is likely because of the large backlog of requests.

Some cities kept vital records earlier than those sent to Albany under the law. For the period through about , marriages were also recorded with the county clerk, although some counties do not have these records for all of this time period. Births through , marriages through , and deaths through can be obtained by mail, or one may visit the archives and search indexes and microfilms of the records for a daily search fee.

Indexes to New York City marriage licenses —51 , arranged by borough, are available at the Municipal Archives. Printed New York City vital records indexes from for Manhattan and from for the other boroughs are available at the New York Public Library for births and deaths through and for marriages through Since divorce actions in New York have been handled in the Supreme Court for the county in which the divorce was heard.

New York divorce files, however, are sealed for years. In colonial times, petitions for divorce had to be made to the governor or legislature, and only a few were granted. The Court of Chancery granted divorces from to How to Order.

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