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I have called and called and called customer service. I could quote you their non informational script by heart now. Absolutely worthless. If anyone has any fix for this please post it.

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It means that either tracfone or safelink has turned off your texts and that you need to get a hold of them, good luck with that! Worst customer service ever! Twice reported to safeslink customer service,twice fixed phone. Still account being disabled by message blocking active.

Been around n around trying to disable this blocking of my free unlimited government phone. They cur my talk time off when trying ti report this the third time. So trying to disable myself through loops n circles getting no where but shut downs, cut offs. Can someone help me.

Christina Gallagher. I have up to Now, I have to go out of town just to get minutes. What to do?! It says that my service ends January 31, Have you done one yet? I have tried the but still no minutes. What do I do? I sent info requested by Safe Links over a month ago and still have not received phone. How can I get an to call someone on status. Unfortunately I did not write down reference number. Help please. My name is Victoria Rogojan, I have a Access cell phone. I try to help one of my neighbors. QLink disconnected her phone. We wish we could help, Victoria, but we are neither Safelink nor Q Link.

We would suggest that both of you get on the phone together. You can find the contact information for both companies on this page:. I would truly be so grateful if anyone is able to help me. Thanking you in advance for your anticipated assistance with this matter, I remain, Sincerely, Connie Chichester.

You do not have to stay with your current service provider, Connie. Check them all out carefully, because you may be able to find a plan that offers more minutes, more texts, data, etc. And as of December 2, all new customers get smartphones. They took me off the min roll over plan as of Nov. Said that plan no longer exists. I had to change phones because it was a 2g phone and was promised I could keep my original plan.

I have been with safelink for years. After a month they will be taking away any unused mins of that and any minutes I have paid for on my own, unless I buy a card. They will ripe my phone clean. How do they get to do that?

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Not very happy……what can I do? There is not much you can do, Sandy. No doubt it is unfair, but the FCC just changed the rules on everyone as of December 2. Here is why. And min Do Not carry over. And with that, they will not Allow you to use a better phone! Even if you save some money and buy a phone on your own or get a gift for some sort of Smart phone or Android phone which the whole world is using. You can not see the weather, you can not use the web.

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Because people at Safe link wireless believe that you are poor and disgusting or you are old and no good for nothing. Now here is the kicker.. When not so too poor people and just people on a budget buy a tracfone and use the air time card they are free to carry over mins on those nice smart phones, but if you are a really poor or elderly or disable and sign up for safelink then off course you are bound with safelink oppressive rules by only allowed to use 20 years old non Android dog phones!

So WHY? Time to Ditch Safelink Wireless. This is for all my fellow Americans who spent endless time on hold and disgusting service and horrible Dog phones from Saflink Wireless. PS: Please note all other government subsidy carriers and services DO allow you to use Android phones and gives you more minutes like Assurance wireless, Access Wireless etc here is the complete list.

The plans out outlined are obsolete as of today, Amen. Check out to changes to the Safelink website to see the new offers. This is not something that your service provider will replace free of charge. I just upgraded to a smartphone thru safelink. Need to know how this works. Can you buy data cards and use them with government phones?

I spoke to Tracfone about how to check minutes balance. I have plan 2 and have mins banked. My minutes were wiped out. I need to buy a tracfone smartphone and call back talking to tech support to transfer svc. Jesse put my minuts back on my 2G old phone. Jesse explained my new svc would give me mins on the 1st that would expire at the end of the month, each month. My banked minutes of would only be used after the for the month were gone. Jesse said not to add time until I got my smartphone because smartphones x3 the purchased mins, where my old 2G only x2.

I then began at 6pm today the process to transfer. All of which have not gone as stated and resulted in my calling back and getting ref or ticket numbers for the next time. All my minutes have been wiped out, no free minutes and I must purchase airtime to get any service. Seems my Safelink tracfone service has been converted to a tracfone service of somesort awaiting me to purchase time as there is zero!

Tracfone has made me purchase their phone, taken all my minutes and ended my safelink service. All I have is a 5th reference saying that sometime they will add the minutes back. This safelink website still offers my plan 2 and safelink service. | Save Money. Live Better.

Why is tracfone targeting me and taking my minutes away, taking my service away, and falsely informing me that I need to buy one of their smartphones to transfer my service? Seems this should be fraud and criminal. You write very clearly and persuasively and the Lifeline companies hate having people like you good writers, that is file complaints with their governing organizations. Make sure you read it thoroughly before you have your conversation with the customer service supervisor so you sound knowledgable and informed:.

You can apply at any of the other companies for a new phone, Nicole. Your minutes should have appeared on your account even if your phone was turned off. I have been approved for the Free phone, from our Government. Tried to call the customer service center, what a joke! They are not in the United States and can not speak fluent english!!!! I have sent them all and more documentions they have asked for. Yet still check checking and it says my documents are not approved.

I would like to check my IPhone I have and same phone number. I just need service! We hear so many complaints here at FreeGovernmentCellPhones. Check it to see if you qualify:. Is the SafeLink phone I got, transferrable to the Tracfone and receive my minutes per month? I need to have a flip open ph. They are bigger as I have large hands which makes it easier for me along with the pad buttons. Only draw back I have with the Tracfone is there is not enough ear volume to clearly hear. Otherwise I love the phone. I just got? I received an LGBG cell ph.

Please advise and thank you for your forum. I learned a lot tonight reading all of the questions with timely answers from you folks. Those are both technical cell phone questions, Don, and although we are proud to be experts in the free government cell phone program, we are not experts in cell phone technology. No, we take that back. Feel free to find some other website that satisfies your needs. Why should she be grateful to you? The programs regulations state that only one free government cell phone is allowed per household. I have a Safelink phone and have had the service for 3 years.

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I have transferred the service to a Tracfone that I had. All you have to do is call and let them know that you are wanting to transfer service to the other phone. They may have to send you a new SIM card for the phone. They will explain it all to you if you ask them about it. To answer your question since the people here cannot , you can transfer an existing tracfone to safelink. Once you receive the new sim card, call their customer support and they can walk you through activating it. Do not put the new sim card in your phone until you are on the phone with them. I know that if you transfer an existing safelink phone to another safelink phone, you will be able to keep your number.

If you are transfering a tracfone with an existing tracfone account to a safelink phone, I am unsure if you will be able to keep that tracfone number. Call ahead and ask them. Side note: Safelinks customer service hotline gets connected to a call center in the middle east. Just be patient. I suggest using a landline to call them if possible, because calls to them even though it is an , WILL be taken out of your safelink minutes, and cosidering the language barrier, it usually takes a long time.

I have a safelink phone and want to upgrade with my own phone and ordered a Sim card kit, but its the wrong Sim how do I return it for the right one. Congratulations, John. You need to contact Safelink customer service to get an answer. Easiest way to upgrade phone is log in to safe link and click on support, upgrade my phone. From there just follow it. I am new to the service and was enrolled in a plan without an option to choose. My plan does not allow roll over minutes month to month. It gives more minutes each month but all unused minutes are lost each month.

Why was I not given a chance to choose which plan would work best for me? Safelink does advertise minutes and unlimited texts in every state except California where minutes are also unlimited. You should definitely contact customer service call to discuss this problem.

And I have been with Safelink since Late And for a Long time it use to take Time every txt I sent but its been a few years since I have had that happen. I get the mnth talk time, and Unlimited Txt. At the time all I did was go to Dollar General and I think I paid 30bucks at the time for the phone, Came home called Safelink and got my account switched to my new phone with no issues.. Not sure why, Honestly Dnt care. Only time I get my min taken off is if I of course call and speak to someone or if someone sends me a Picture..

Call on your free government cell phone. That will connect you to customer service and you can tell them that you want to shut off your service. They will be able to find your account by your name, address, social security number, phone number, etc. Its not very big but its x better than the Garbage they send you.. Anyway It isnt a smart phone, No android,back then couldnt use smart phones. But I came right home called them and we transferd my service to my new LG phone, I have got my time ever since.

Not sure why, but Im not going to argue about it.. Im hoping since I already have an LG phone with a Simcard I can take it out my old phone and slide it into the new one and my Service will be transfered due to the SIM. But I honestly have never had any issue with safelink.. Anytime I have told someone about them, and They use me as a Referral I get xtra time for it, Before I bought my own NON smart phone back in , I would call and I had theem send me 2 different phones, I had a Flip phone from them until I lost it and got the one I have now..

Debra Ann Clemons. We have information for you, Debra Ann. I was told a brand new Trac phone can be used as a new phone with qlink. I was just needing to know before I go buy one Thanks. Your best way to get an accurate answer is to contact Q Link by phone or online. I was wanting to know if I got approved for my phone. Louisville KY. It says these minutes are for only 30 days of service time. How does this work with my current free minutes each month i have plan 3 with no rollover?

Do you deduct my free minutes first and then my paid minutes? Thanks for your help. We are unable to discuss special promotions that we have not seen, Bill. Good luck. All the state attorneys general are very aware of all the free government cell phone companies. How do I see if there is a way to get more minutes on my free government phone freedom phone by American Assistance? Start by checking this page, which lists all the free government cell phone companies in your state. No problem, Sarah.

I live in ny and the girl on the phone said iw ill have mins a month even after 5 months Why did she tell me this. We cannot explain why customer service reps say the things they say, Chris. Maybe it was an honest error, maybe it was intentional deception designed to sign up a new customer, maybe it was just a slip of the tongue.

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Where can I access coverage maps for specific carriers? We live in an area that has limited connection. We have Tracfone now and we get coverage. Can i use a tmobile smartphone with safelink?

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And when i applied the application was the one for the smartphone but i got was the plain old phone. It all depends on the specific make and model of the phone. Not all phones are compatible with all cell networks. So you must call Safelink and speak to customer service to discuss your phone. Yes I am needing a month of roll over mins can you with me not using all of them everytime get.

Can we pick the phone we want when signing up for safelink? My paper says phone will be delivered in days? No, unfortunately, you cannot pick your own phone, Marisa. Safelink, like all the free government cell phone companies, hands the phones out randomly. So the person before you may get one phone, you may get a different one, and the person after you may get a completely different make and model.

Please let us know if your phone arrives in days. Most of our readers say it take more like weeks. Sometimes even longer. Of course, you can always upgrade for a small fee. I did not receive my mins. We have no idea where you minutes are, Penny. I was not asked which plan I wanted when I signed up so which plan do I have. I got a smartphone from Walmart and transferred my number all successfully. Some free government cell phone companies offer limited Internet plans. If you want to know about really cheap Internet plans, visit our other website, CheapInternet. It all depends on the make and model of your phone and who your service provider is, Angie.

My phone has been stolen and i know who sfole it and i cant get it back. I want her prosecuted. What do i do. You can report it to the police, but since the phone was free it will probably be a misdemeanor and get very little attention from the police. Sorry, but we can't respond to individual comments. Recent searches Clear All. Update Location. If you want NextDay, we can save the other items for later. Yes—Save my other items for later. No—I want to keep shopping. Order by , and we can deliver your NextDay items by. In your cart, save the other item s for later in order to get NextDay delivery.

We moved your item s to Saved for Later. There was a problem with saving your item s for later. You can go to cart and save for later there. New for fall. Naturally, it wants to market to these fans directly. But when members subscribe to the service through Apple, it cannot.

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Apple considers the e-mail addresses its property. The company screens out potentially buggy or completely ridiculous apps, for example. And Apple says the vast majority of apps — more than 95 percent — are accepted on the first submission. Kahle is not reassured.