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See the guidelines for information on how to order vital records. Check the related links for additional genealogical information on the State of California. Please email the webmaster with corrections or suggestions. Please Note: The information contained on these pages is not guaranteed, as addresses and prices change frequently. It is recommended that you confirm the price and address by calling the vital records office before you place your order. Box Sacramento, CA Email: sacrec saccounty. Mail Order.

San Bernardino County Recorder W. The Daily Report Ontario, California searchable text version of the newspaper for the following years: The Upland News Upland, California searchable text version of the newspaper for the following years: Montclair Tribune Montclair, California searchable text version of the newspaper for the following years: , , and Redlands Daily Facts Redlands, California searchable text version of the newspaper for the following years: Carlton B.

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Marriage Licenses and Ceremonies. For appointments or questions, please call: San Bernardino Office appointments are required on Mondays and Fridays only; Walk-ins are welcome Tuesday through Thursday from am — am and pm — pm.


Marriage License Requirements Applicants must be unmarried and at least 18 years of age. If one or both parties requesting a marriage license are under the age of 18, refer to Marriage License for Minors. A Notice of Entry of Judgement is not a final dissolution document. Valid photo I.

What are the office hours of the San Bernardino County Recorder-Clerk’s office?

If a form of identification which includes both a photograph and birth date is not available, the use of two other identification documents are required to prove identity and age one with a photograph and one with a birth date. Some examples of these types of documents include: Photograph School identification card Employee identification card Birth Date Certified copy of a birth certificate Baptismal certificate Adoption records Note: Any document in a foreign language must be translated into English and the translator's signature must be notarized.

How to expunge a criminal record in San Bernardino County

Online at the Recorder-Clerk's web. All applications completed online will remain available online for 7 days. Please plan to visit one of our County Clerk Offices to complete your transaction before the end of the 7 days.

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For appointment by phone, please call Type of Marriage Licenses Before a marriage license can be purchased, questions concerning which type of license is appropriate may want to be discussed with an attorney. Regular Public License Open to authorized members of the public May be used anywhere in the State of California One witness required besides person performing ceremony Confidential License Not open to the public Copies are issued only to the couple May be used anywhere in the State of California No witnesses required Applicants must be living together as spouses Confidential marriage licenses are also offered by authorized notaries License for Denominations Not Having Clergy To be used by those persons who, due to religious beliefs, are entering into a marriage without the participation of a minister, priest, rabbi, lay leader, or other person authorized to solemnize marriages.

Marriage License for Minors If one or both parties requesting a marriage license are under the age of 18, then a court order must be obtained from the courts.

When the requirements to be issued a License and Certificate of Declaration of Marriage cannot be met because the marriage occurred less than one year ago, the couple cannot provide two witnesses who were present at the ceremony; or there is only one spouse available to apply.

To record a marriage which occurred in another state or country where the record no longer exists, e. For additional information see California Department of Public Health Declaration of Marriage To be used by those persons who wish to declare an already existing licensed California marriage for which no official record exists, and more than one year has passed since the date of the marriage. Marriage Ceremony Ceremony must be performed within 90 calendar days of purchase of the marriage license.

A public marriage requires a minimum of four people.

San Bernardino County, CA Marriage License Information

California Rules of Court mandate that all court files must be made accessible to the public unless confidential or sealed by law. The Superior Court Clerk of San Bernardino County is responsible for keeping and providing case records for the county. The public may view and obtain copies of documents used in civil, criminal, small claims, traffic, probate, domestic, and minor offenses cases. The public can view case records at the court locations where those cases were tried. Alternatively, they can access these documents on the website of the Superior Court of California, San Bernardino County.

The Office of the Assessor-Recorder-Clerk of San Bernardino County is responsible for issuing birth, death, and marriage certificates for events occurring in the county. It accepts in-person and mail requests for these vital records.

San Bernardino County Hall of Records

This application is also available in Spanish. Bring or send the completed document to the main office of the Recorder-Clerk located at:. Hall of Records Building W. The office opens from Monday to Friday between a.