Cultural background information about costa rica

It is used more for visiting the graves of friends and relatives, rather than a ploy for costumes and candy. December sees the influx of many celebrations in preparation for Christmas and the New Year just like in many western nations. Festive foods include coconut melcochas candy , chichi corn liquor , tamales boiled corn dough stuffed with varieties of meat and veg , rompope eggnog , and in place of Turkey and mashed potatoes, the Costa Ricans make a large helping of Arroz con Pollo rice with chicken.

New Years starts to be commemorated by the Festejos Populares on Dec. There is a huge parade in Downtown complete with decorated floats and lots of music. New Years Day is a community wide fiesta. People who live near one another and, like in most communities, have grown up together, have open door policies and friends walk in and out of each others homes and join in all the parties!

Generally Costa Rican food is basic but also healthy and very tasty.

Valuable and Varied Cultural Traditions of Costa Rica

Rice and beans are staple ingredients in almost all meals and remain the preferred sustainance even in afluent areas where more expensive products could be used. For breakfast they make the famous gallo pinto. Gallo means rooster but it is not included here. Gallo is the term used to describe the mini wraps that Costa Ricans make using little corn tortillas. This plate includes black beans fried with rice and sometimes onions and other spices.

Eggs come however you would like remember the terms huevos fritos fried eggs and huevos revueltos scrambled eggs. Next you have fried plantains platanos which are super sweet. They should be fried just before the fruit spoils, when the most amount of sugar has developed then they are soft and delicious!

Sour cream is popularly added to the meal which tastes great when mixed with the rice and beans. Finally, two corn tortillas are placed on top for you to make your own, creative gallo pintos.

Cultural Day in Costa Rica - Café Milagro

For most other meals they cook the beans separately from the rice and combine it on a plate with chicken, beef, pork, or fish. Add few more fried plantains and you have yourself the traditional Costa Rican Casado. Fried chicken is served in almost any town and it is tasty. Also worth a try are the empanadas which are a folded pocket of corn meal stuffed with chicken or potato or cheese. Bocas are appetizers that used to come complimentary in many bars, however, today they regularly charge for them. Ceviche is a much-loved dish on the Pacific coast of most Latin countries and very common in all of Costa Rica.

Originating in Peru, it consists of fresh fish that has been marinated in lime juice or other citrus , with onions, herbs, and spices. The acids in the lime cause the proteins in the fish to become denatured. This is like a pickling process, and basically the fish gets cooked without heat. It is served with tortilla chips for dipping and it is literally mouth watering. You can find international cuisine in some places, and the quality can be quite satisfactory. Just be careful that you are not being over charged which is common in nicer looking restaurants.

In Costa Rica they love rich desserts which are very sweet and creamy.

The most popular and traditional dessert is the three milk cake tres leches. It is a spongy cake that they soak in evaporatd milk, condensed milk, and cream, yummy! The most readily available drink is fruit juice as refreshing tropical fruits are abundant in Costa Rica. A wide variety is usually available. An interesting drink that is also popular is the chan seed drink. This seed, when soaked in water, produces a mucous like film and provides your body with linoleic acid, a very healthy omega-6 fatty acid. There is one thing for sure in Costa Rica; your thirst will be sufficiently quenched!

Eight different beers are brewed there. Imperial is the most popular. It is similar to an American Pilsner. The company has been brewing this all-natural beer since and has now started distributing it in the US, Austrailia, and Gran Cayman. Pilsen comes in second place. It is a bit lighter in colour and body and has less hops character. Another popular beer is Bavaria also my beer of choice.

It comes in light, gold, and dark. This is not to be confused with the Bavaria from Holland. Trustpilot 5-star rated.

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Republic of Costa Rica | República de Costa Rica

Costa Rica Surfing Guides. Costa Rica The Facts. Costa Rica Weather. Crime and Safety in Costa Rica. Culture of a Peaceful Nation. When doing business, people in Costa Rica tend to prefer to negotiate diplomatically and like to be co-operative in their business contexts. Pushy or impatient behaviour or a hard-line approach are therefore unlikely to be successful. This often decreases as the relationship develops. A handshake and eye contact is the standard form of greeting. It might sometimes be accompanied by a light touch on the arm. Women might also give a kiss on the cheek when the relationship is a more intimate one.

Remember that Spanish has formal and informal versions of you. Don Miguel. Business cards are commonly used and exchanged when meeting business partners for the first time. It is a good idea to have them printed on both sides with information in Spanish and English showing the Spanish side up. Dress code in Costa Rican business culture as in many other western countries is formal and conservative.

The dark side: facts about Costa Rica culture

Men typically wear dark suits and ties while suits or dresses are considered appropriate for women but should not be too revealing. People in Costa Rica are known for their open expression of feelings and affection. However they also share a great sense of honour and would refrain from saying anything disresepctful in public.


DO allow your host to start any small talk conversation when meeting new business partners. It is acceptable to arrive late to meetings. Costa Ricans like to be asked about their family, country and history when conversing. People in Costa Rica are very silent and reserved when meeting strangers. Costa Rican Culture Quiz — Answers 1.

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The National Theater is an architectural treasure. National Museum features an outstanding collection of pre-Columbian artifacts, some dating from 12, years ago. Ticos are extremely friendly and welcoming people and will do anything to leave a good impression on you. Costa Rica has a reputation as one of the most stable, prosperous, and least corrupt among the Latin American countries. Spanish is the official language and spoken throughout the country.