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When trying to locate a traffic ticket, please only input the numbers provided. If paying over the weekend or after office hours, proof of insurance is required by 9 am the next business day. Bonds may be posted at the Municipal Services Center, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, either by cash, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover:.

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All other violations must file a continuance in person. Fill out form completely and fax to Please note by submitting a request for continuance does not guarantee approval. Submittal of form may take up to one week for approval. Please note for a Conviction Expungement application may be submitted one year after the final disposition of the case. Please note for a Bond Forfeiture Expungement application may be submitted one year after the final disposition of the case. You will be notified by mail of your court date.

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A request for a pretrial must have a time waiver. Please mark the following on the form:. If you did not provide proof to the officer at the time of your stop, you are required to bring proof to your court appearance.

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If you have questions regarding your citation or do not find your violation code listed, please call the Clerk of Courts office the following business day to obtain information regarding your ticket. If you are under 18 years of age, you must appear in Franklin County Juvenile Court with a parent. Call for information on juvenile tickets.

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Pay Online The amount you owe is due on or before the Court date noted at the bottom of your ticket. If paying by mail, sign the back of the ticket and enclose it with your payment. Click here to pay online. All traffic offenses except those listed below may be disposed of by a Traffic Violations Bureau.

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The following traffic offenses shall not be processed by a traffic violations bureau and the following criminal minor misdemeanor offenses shall require a court appearance:. If you fail to pay your fine on or before your Court date or appear in Court as scheduled, a warrant for your arrest may be issued and your license will be canceled through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. From there you will gain access to the payment portal.

If you are paying after hours, on the weekend or a holiday, you must contact the Upper Arlington Police Desk immediately at to advise the payment has been made. The Magistrate will not consider affidavits or other written statements in place of the appearance of a witness at trial.

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If you want the Magistrate to consider the evidence of a witness, he or she must be present at trial. You may have an attorney represent you at trial if you wish, but you do not have to have one present. If you think the prosecutor has certain information in its possession that you will need to use at trial, you must make a discovery request for that information at least seven days prior to trial.

Your discovery request must be presented to the Clerk of Court.

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You have 10 days to file an appeal. Your case will then be heard in the Franklin County Municipal Court.

If you want a witness to come to court and they refuse to come voluntarily, you must request the Clerk of Court to issue a subpoena requiring that person to come to court to testify. This request should be made at least 10 days prior to trial. Your subpoena should have contact information and the case number. You are required to appear pursuant to the subpoena.

For Franklin County record requests you may visit www. The prosecutor will be able to discuss your case with you in court. If you need to contact the prosecutor, call Have your case number available. If your ticket was originally a payable violation, you may still pay the ticket in lieu of going to trial.

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If you are unable to find what you are looking for on this page or in our FAQ section, please complete the webform below. It will be directed straight to staff in the department listed above. Requests are addressed during regular work hours of 8 am-5 pm, Monday-Friday. If you need to report an emergency situation, please call Your Name required. But now that most of us have a smart-phone, they can do an even better job, as shown by the Franklin County Municipal Court on January 18, Imagine that you and I have a landlord v tenant dispute or a dispute e.

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After one of us files a claim and we know when our case will be heard, we take time off work, drive to court, wait anxiously for our turn in the courtroom — and then we are in for a big surprise. Because, before hearing our case, the small claims court judge will most likely ask us to sit down with a neutral mediator, who will help us communicate, negotiate, and work out an agreement that makes sense to both of us.

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It is true that when that happens everybody is happy: we the parties are happy, and so are the judge and the court personnel, who can take care of cases more complex than ours. But it is also true that by then we have already spent a considerable amount of time and money on our case. They now encourage and help people settle their small claims dispute without going to court: online, right from their smartphone or computer, on their own time, by themselves and if necessary with the assistance of an online mediator.