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We send you a report detailing the results for each applicant - helping you to find only the best tenants. Very good tenant referencing service for a landlord. Call in and ask for Alex if you're a new customer. Alex does as much as possible for me, explains all of their services to make sure I'm prepared for incoming tenants, not salesy, just no nonsense Very easy to use, all encompassing website, reducing the cost for every aspect for landlords. Highly recommend to anyone that wants an amazing service at a great price!

Very helpful with an initial enquiry in regard to our buy to let properties and how to self manage them, cannot recommend them highly enough. I found a fantastic studio flat for the price I was looking for on the website and I got a reply on the same day from the private landlord. We arranged a viewing and sealed the deal straight after. Thank you!

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See all on reviews. Used by landlords and letting agents. Call Us or Choose a Package Below. Start Full Reference. Start Credit Check. Why choose TheHouseShop to reference your tenants? Tenant Screening and Background Checks. Do you know who you're letting to? Income and Landlord References While our Fast Credit Check will give you core information about your tenant's credit history, our Full Tenant Reference will include verbal or written references from your tenant's employer and past landlord.

What is the Tenant Referencing Process? Fast Credit Check We immediately contact your tenants and get their permission to run a credit check and other essential searches. Full Tenant Reference We immediately contact your tenants to collect information about their employment status, housing situation, earnings, income and identity verification. What Information is in a Tenant Reference Report?

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Get Sample Report. How does it work? Enter your tenant's details. We notify your tenants. We contact your tenants to get their permission to run our comprehensive checks. We run a detailed reference check.

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You receive the results. Teresa G. Bob M. Giorgio B. How does tenant referencing work? Most landlords and letting agents will carry out a background check and reference on potential tenants before they move in. The tenants will be put through a series of checks and searches to assess how suitable they are for the property and to determine if they will be good, reliable tenants. Read more: How does tenant referencing work? I feel that they should has a lawsuit filed against them for emotional damage in distress.

It is not right to make somebody a hundred percent convinced that they have employment when they know that they definitely do not. Does anybody else agree? It is a shame that they just lie when you put the application in they say no due to your police record. People dont get a chance and walmart need to stop lying.

I definitely be glad when they are gone. Their family has made enough money especially off convicted felons and there families. Maybe you can write subsequent articles regarding this article. I wish to read more issues approximately it! Two close family members of mine worked at Walmart with a felon. So I am surprised by this article. Maybe it depends on the Walmart. This article is disbursing. Walmart has made millions , and yes off the backs of family members who loves ones are convicted felon.

I was just denied employment at Walmart , after being told on the interview, that I was recommended for the job and would be contacted upon return of my background check that was admitted on the application, which was 9 years ago.

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This speaks the lanuage of double jorpardy, after serving time and case being closed. I committed a crime of theft. Since then I lost everything that important to me. A felony will ruin your life.

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So that that are contemplating doing something stupid take this as a warning. I was just hired and start orientation on the 12th. Also a Misdemeanor Theft Charge from The background check took nearly a month to clear. I applied for an overnight stocking job. Pete, did you keep the job?

My sister has been working as an overnight stocker in Austin, Tx and she had a 5 yr old warrant using phone in school zone and a year old misdemeanor minor theft when she was So yes, they hired her but then promoted her to Asset Protection after doing so well. They ran a more extensive background and now want to fire her not for the 5-yr old warrant but for the yr old misdemeanor. My charge was bogus.

My wife bounced checks on a joint account and I was also charged with passingbad checks. I was denied employment in Pueblo Colorado 1 month ago they pulled up a petty theft from I was denied employment on this I have nothing else on my record not even a traffic ticket. I just applied in PW Colorado at Walmart and got the same rigamaro. I will never find work. They punish you for being honest. What a message to send. My sister has been working as an overnight stocker in Austin, Tx in Walmart and she had a 5 yr old warrant using phone in school zone and a year old misdemeanor minor theft when she was So yes, they hired her but then she was promoted to Asset Protection after doing so well and impressing her boss.

They ran a more extensive background check and now want to fire her not for the 5-yr old warrant but for the yr old misdemeanor. She even disclosed this to them ahead of time. She was yrs old and stupid and now almost 40 and a great mother of 4. This was the first job she was really proud of too. He was denied by Home Depot. How is anyone ever supposed to change their lives for the better?? First of all people make mistakes ,I for one made them over and over do to my environment and not having my parents to teach me that what I was doing was wrong.

It took a strong women to help me change mylife around and help me realize that I was better then that and that I can accomplish anything goal that I set. I applied with Walmart while I was on pretrial for my conspiracy felony. I was offered a job did my drug test and then they ran my background. I of course had already disclosed my arrest.

I had not been tried of found guilty at that point figured everything would be fine. Then I returned back after actually serving time and had all my ducks in a row with what was on my background and had taken care of the previous from 5 yrs prior before my conviction and they gave me that speel on waiting on the background company to recommend..

So for anyone that asks.. Their loss. Walmart goes back 10 years on there background checks. My conviction was in ; for drug distribution and possession.

Served and finished my sentence in and parole in I had an interview…but have yet to get a call…. The store cashed it , they would let me explained , I thought I had the job.. They gave me my pay and everything. This wrong , everybody deserve a second chance. I just applied for Walmart and have been offered a job. I have two felony convictions for stealing cars. I am curious to find out weather or not they will proceed with the hiring process. I just had my second interview at Wal-Mart in WV they told me I have the job and told me my pay rate.

I have a conspiracy change as well as a forgery of a credit card charge. All felonies! Spock : This site looks for a person's school, work, and social affiliations, then displays photos, links to social network pages, Web sites, videos, and blogs about that person. Facebook : I know, I know, recommending such a well-known standby as Facebook is like recommending that you wear sunscreen at the beach.

But, really, what social networking site is more functional, more organized, and more populous than this one? Glassdoor : This site invites you to log in and anonymously write what you really think of the company you work for, the culture you work in here's where you gripe about your boss , and the salary you're pulling down. Then and only then can you dig for some dirt on current or former coworkers and, best of all, see how much they make.

Search Systems : Public-records sites do the legwork of collecting all kinds of public records from all over the country, and then sell access to them via the Internet. Search Systems, one of the oldest and most reliable of these companies, takes a no-nonsense approach to selling access to 36, public-records databases from around the country.

NETRonline www. NETR also offers background checks and criminal-record searches, for a price. Criminal Searches : Do you really know the people in your neighborhood?

my new employee ran a background check on me and asked me about what he found

Do some of them have criminal histories, including sex-related offenses, violent crimes, and theft or just traffic offenses, as the site also details? Criminal Searches provides their mug shots and even plots their addresses on a map, for free. FundRace : This clever mashup site plots political donors on a map and shows how much they contributed.