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Lincoln, Fayette, and Jefferson Counties have marriage records dating from the s.

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Marriages prior to were under Virginia law. Marriage records from the earliest dates to the present are kept by the county clerk for each county. Since , duplicates have been sent to the Office of Vital Statistics. The most complete collection of early marriage record is in the Department of Libraries and Archives. Major archives such as the University of Kentucky Library have microfilm copies of marriage records for many Kentucky counties.

The Family History Library has microfilm copies of most of the existing county marriage records from the beginning dates to about The IGI records are available at:. Beginning in , Kentucky again required statewide registration of marriages. These records have been indexed and are found at the Office of Vital Statistics. The Family History Library does not have copies of these records. They do, however, have an statewide index to marriages covering to in Kentucky. Gretna Greens. Many eloping couples went to Maysville, Mason County and Pike County , Kentucky to be married avoiding the waiting period between the time of issuing a license and the performance of the marriage.

Because much of the information about the availability of death records in Kentucky is similar to birth records, see the discussion about these records under the heading Births and Deaths.

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In most cases, divorces from to were only granted by the Kentucky state legislature. For short time in January , circuit courts had the power to grant divorces.

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These articles are indexed in the Periodical Source Index. They are not indexed by surname, only by the title of the article. Some divorce records may be found in the Acts of Kentucky prior to In , authority was given to county circuit courts to grant divorces. These records can be requested from the Clerk of the County Court. Some Circuit Clerk offices may have records as early as The Family History Library has divorce records from some Kentucky counties.

These records may be found under court records or vital records of the individual county. Since divorce records have been filed in Frankfort on a state-wide basis. Send for these records to the Office of Vital Statistics.

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  8. By , the word divorce was replaced with the term "dissolution of marriage". Adoption records are court records.

    In Kentucky, the following information is available:. Non-identifying information may be provided to: The adoptee who is age 18 or older The adoptive parents. Identifying information is accessible to: The adoptee who is age 18 or older A birth sibling who is age 18 or older A birth parent.


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    If the birth parents have given consent, the adult adoptee may inspect the records pertaining to his or her adoption proceedings upon written request. If the birth parents have not given consent, the Cabinet for Health and Family Services may notify the birth parents that the adult adopted has made a request for information.

    The notification shall be by personal and confidential contact, without disclosing the identity of the adult adoptee. If, after a diligent effort, the secretary of the cabinet certifies that both birth parents identified in the original birth certificate are deceased or is unable to locate the parents, then a judge may order that all adoption records shall be open for inspection to the adult adoptee. In any case, the court shall order that only identifying information about the birth parents be shared with the adult adoptee.

    In situations where a preadoptive brother or sister relationship existed, and one or more of these siblings was then adopted, the following procedures shall be followed on an inquiry by one or more of the siblings to the cabinet seeking information about his brother or sister:.

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    In all cases, an adoptee age 18 or older or a preadoptive sibling age 18 or older may file information with the cabinet about himself or herself, his or her present location, and his or her known antecedents, stating his or her interest in being reunited with his or her preadoptive siblings and authorizing the cabinet to release such information to any preadoptive siblings who may make similar inquiry.

    In any case in which a person age 18 or older requests information about or expresses a desire in being reunited with a preadoptive sibling, the cabinet shall first determine whether the sibling has made similar inquiry. If the sibling has previously authorized release of information, the cabinet shall release the information to the sibling making inquiry. Please allow up to approximately 30 working days for processing of all type of certificates when ordered through the mail.

    The Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics cannot by law, provide free information from records, do a genealogical search, or look to see if a certificate is on file without a completed application form and the proper fee attached. The Kentucky Vital Statistics office will, upon receiving the application and fee, do a search of the records and if a certificate is on file, it will be mailed to you. The fee is for the search of the records and no refunds will be issued if a certificate cannot be found.

    The office does not issue an un-certified or photocopies of certificates. Information needed to obtain a certificate:. Alice Lauderback link. Thank you Alice. This will be in the next Obituary links update. Free Resource Links. Facebook Page. By Kenneth R Marks. Reply Leave a Reply.