How do i find out what my motherboard is

Because a power supply converts power, the chance is even greater. Such an electrostatic shock, however small, can be disastrous for the components in your PC. It is therefore best to always wear an anti-static bracelet. You can also discharge yourself by regularly holding your hands against the radiator, for example.

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Place the computer case on a table with the right side down. If necessary, use a cotton towel to protect the side and prevent the cabinet from sliding. Turn the back of the computer case towards you.

Check Your Motherboard Model With Windows System Information

You can see 2 or 3 large screws there. Remove this and slide the side of your PC backwards. Are you going to replace your motherboard? You will now see the current motherboard and all other components. If you're going to replace the current motherboard, you must first remove all components. Start by disconnecting the wide plug from your power supply.

Then also disconnect the cabling to your other components. Have you mounted plug-in cards on your motherboard? Loosen the screw and remove it from the expansion slot and click the buttons on either side of the memory bank for the RAMmemory. Place the components in a safe place, preferably in an anti-static package. You remove the processor last, but if you replace it and you don't have a good place to temporarily store it, you better leave it in the old motherboard until your new motherboard is mounted.

Now that you've made the right preparations, it isn't difficult to disassemble your current motherboard. You can do this by loosening the 4 screws that you find on the corners. Keep these well, because you'll need them again soon. After the screws have been loosened, carefully lift the motherboard out of the housing. Position the motherboard in your computer case so that the connections on the left align with the notch in your case.

Also make sure that you can tighten all 4 screws. Did this happen? Then first place the processor on your board. To do this, raise the lever and place the processor loosely on your motherboard. Make sure that the CPU is in place, otherwise the connection points may bend. You often see how you place it on the corner or arrow on the socket and the processor. Loosely place the processor in the socket in this way and close the lever again. After inserting your CPU, you can also reinsert other components such as the main memory and your video card.

You can install RAM by correctly placing the module on the couch and gently pushing it. Push a video card or other PCI card firmly into the slot and then tighten the screw.

How do I build in my motherboard?

Then reconnect all cables and end with the wide plug for your power supply. Please note: It's important that you connect all cables in the correct way and that you lock them properly. Cables that are connected incorrectly can cause a short circuit. Slide the side back onto your computer case and reconnect it immediately.

How to Easily Find Out Your Motherboard’s Model in Windows

Normally your computer should now start normally. If so, your motherboard will work correctly. Is nothing happening? Then check the cabling, main memory and the processor.

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If you continue using our website, we'll assume you're OK with that. Want to know more? View our cookie page. View all categories. The Run window will appear when you do this. Windo ws 7. You can also use the Start menu to open this utility. Whichever method you use to open the system information application, it will show you a lot of things about your computer, including the name, version, and even the system manufacturer and model.

You will learn a lot of information that will be useful for a variety of purposes. For that reason, there are lots of third-party software applications that have been written specifically to tell you about the technical specifications of your computer.

Many of these are free and have a wealth of functionality, giving you information about your laptop that you could never hope to find natively using the Windows system information utility. Some of these applications, like CPU-Z and others, will tell you a lot about your hardware and are not only useful to tinkerers and enthusiasts but also to business persons as well.

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Such software basically works by performing a deep analysis of your system. It will then build a unique profile of the system based on what it has analyzed. It will tell you about the kind of hardware you are operating on. It will also perform a deep analysis of your system software and build a profile of that.

Many of them are so powerful that they will go as far as analyzing your operating system and telling you about any missing security patches and hotfixes you could use to improve the system. A key difference between third party software and Windows native system information utility is that such software will present the data in different places. Some of it will even present the data in your browser window. Meanwhile, Windows system information utility has its own window, where it presents data.

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Other software will analyze the system and not only tell you about the specifications of your hardware and how your system software is doing, but will also tell you about the temperature of different components within your motherboard, giving you a sense of where most of the work is happening. If all of the above methods seem a little too pedestrian for you and you want to use a more sophisticated route, you could use the command prompt.

In such instances, knowing how to use the command prompt can prove to be a very useful skill. On your computer, you can use the Windows Instrumentation Command Line, or WMIC to find out about the original manufacturer of your motherboard and also its model.

To open the command prompt, you can go a variety of ways. You can use the Run window for starters. Simply press the Windows button and the R button at the same time to open the Run window on your desktop. You can also use the Start button.