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Click here to go to the form to get this started. This has to be done through the County that your marriage license was issued from.

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Your life gets hectic. But it takes knowing what to do in the quagmire that is our government. Do you know which one you received? If not, it might be a good idea to fill out both applications. Confidential marriage records may only be obtained by the parties to the marriage or by court order. If you are not a party to the marriage, you cannot obtain any copy of a confidential marriage record. This must be done during working hours. Please check ahead on their websites for the specific hours and days.

Marriage License offices are open to the public only on specific days and times. You can do this as well from other California County Website. If you do not have the time or inclination to spend several hours during the workweek driving to, finding parking, and standing in line at the County Clerk Recorder or Office each county is different you can mail a request for your certified copies. If you do not reside in Southern California, of course, this is the way to go for you.

You can mail your request by following these steps:. There are two documents that must be included with your request for Certified Copies of a Marriage License and certificate:. Please be aware that California has 58 different counties and some counties combine the Application and the Certificate of Identity into a single application. However, whether there are one or two required documents, the same information must be provided to complete your request.

What Is a Confidential Marriage License and Why Does California Offer Them? | Mental Floss

Many notaries offer mobile services and for an extra fee will come to you to make it convenient for you. Records are available for marriages where the license was issued in Los Angeles County since Until the recording process is completed, the County Clerk will have no record of your marriage and they will simply mail your request back to you.

Instruction to fill Los Angeles marriage license application form

If you are not one of the spouses listed on the original confidential marriage license, it will be returned. Vote by Mail. Early Voting. Voting Accessibility. Election Resources. Election Estimates.

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