Obama kenyan birth certificate fake

Obama's Half-Brother Tweets Image of Debunked Kenya Birth Certificate

Truth is, I am committed to letting the Facts land wherever they will. So, here are the Facts:. In the minds of millions of Americans, Donald Trump has managed to reinforce doubt about Barack Obama being born in Hawaii. Why so? Because claims that Trump repeated on the Today Show were the same stale rhetoric found in birther blogs:. Based upon what his people have dredged up in Hawaii, here's Trumps tentative conclusion: "I'm starting to think that he was not born here.

If you pay attention to Donald Trump's hedging language, you will know that Trump is using this issue to get attention — he's pandering to Ultra Conservatives, and stirring up controversy to get free advertising for his Brand.

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Here's another of his hedging statements:. Based upon a testy exchange between Donald Trump and George Stephanopoulos, there is verbal and emotional evidence that Trump has trumped up a claim to capture media attention: Trump contends he has " people that actually have been studying it, on the ground in Hawaii, and they cannot believe what they're finding. But what do I know. I'm just an expert on reading people's inner motives. We're going to see what happens. Why is Donald Trump not giving a straightforward answer?

Why did he react with these words: " It's none of your business right now. He's avoiding a straight answer so he can keep the Birther speculation alive for 2 reasons :. Intelligent and honest observers can finally resolve this thorny issue by taking up the opposite question: Instead of asking the Innocent to prove why they are NOT guilty, put the burden of proof upon the Plaintiffs: What evidence exists that proves Barack Obama was born in Kenya? It's easy enough to cast doubt on Barack Obama's birth in Hawaii, but try proving the opposite thesis: That Barack was born in Kenya. This question is very difficult to support with verifiable evidence.

I'm still waiting for one shred of solid evidence, let alone multiple facts that combine to support a Kenyan birth for Obama. When we look closely into the opposite issue , we discover this question is riddled with even greater doubt, filled with contrived lies and forgeries , and saturated with logistical quandaries that defy evidence. This document is based upon a real birth certificate issued to David Jeffrey Bomford, born in South Australia in First here's the forgery.

You can't really make out the details of this bogus birth certificate from this photo, so keep scrolling down, and I'll provide close-ups of the parts of the document that prove it is a forgery. Now, here's the Real Document from which the forgery is based:. How can we tell that the Obama Birth Registration is a Photoshopped forgery? Closely compare the two documents: Note the "No. Barack Obama was 47 years old when he was sworn in as the 44 th president of the United States. The person who forged the fake left a clue to the ruse. What are the chances that all these details would be exactly the same on a Kenyan document compared to an Australian document?

Do you believe in miracles? Here are other coincidental details, first the Fake followed by the Real:. Both documents share the same format, e. Also observe the format for recording a date: Day, Month, Year. The Forged Document left is dated 17 February and is issued by the Republic of Kenya , as shown below.

As of February it was known as the Dominion of Kenya. Barack Sr. Barack's birth date and birthplace are listed as August 4th, in "Mombasa," again, that city was not part of the "Republic of Kenya" until 12 December — more than two years after Barack's birth. On 1 July , Mombasa became part of Britain's protectorate, with the coastal city being nominally under the sovereignty of Zanzibar.

Here's a monument that commemorates Mombasa's history:. According to MombasaInfo. The British rule officially ended when Kenya finally gained its hard-fought independence on the 12th December Mombasa was part of the state of Zanzibar but under British rule until 12 December when it ceded into the independent state of Kenya.

Even though the Photoshopped-Forgery was easily exposed as bogus, still millions of Americans were willing to believe this lie because it fit their political bias. The definition of an Ideologue applies: Someone who already has his or her mind made up — even when the facts say otherwise. This Birther Issue is a good example of what Dr. Wayne Dyer calls " Mind Viruses " — harboring incorrect assumptions and acting upon them. Such dishonest thinking and behavior brought the Father of American Psychology to say:. A great many people think they are thinking when they are really just rearranging their prejudices.

To be clear, the people who think they know that which " ain't so " — a. This article is NOT about picking on a particular political group, it is about finding verifiable facts and believing those FACTS, regardless of which political agenda is supported or disproved. When at first you don't succeed. Since the version of Barack's Kenyan Birth Certificate has been clearly been exposed as counterfeit, committed birthers yearned for a way to support their continuing conspiracy. James O. Ang'awa is supposedly the "attending Doctor" at the birth of Barack Obama, Jr.

When this "New and Improved" Fake Birth Certificate appeared in , millions of American were delighted to believe this lie merely because it fit with their political preference. But intelligent and honest observers will be skeptical of Internet articles and emails written by unidentified authors and provide no verifiable evidence. Dr Matt's First Rule of Evidence is this:. If this Kenyan birth certificate were genuine, Barack Sr would have reported his birth date at the same time Ann Dunham declared hers.

Barack Sr's birthday, 18 June , was not known by Lucas Daniel Smith when he was creating his forgery, so Lucus didn't include that birth date. Note that the alleged Kenyan Birth Certificate has spelled Mr Maganga's first name with an " o " in the signature as well as the stamp. According to his Facebook page , Dr. Maganga's first name is spelled with an " a " — Helt a n Maganga. From a Facebook post that announced his 50th birthday on the day after his birthday, 18 May , we know Heltan was born 17 May In this Daily Nation report, Dr Maganga's first name is spelled again with an " a " — Helt a n Maganga his name appears in the 6th paragraph of the article.

In creating his forgery, Lucas Daniel Smith misspelled Dr.

Helt a n Maganga's name. The date that the Birth Certificate was supposedly created by the Coast Province General Hospital was 19 February , and was stamped and signed by "Helton" on that date. Thus, it is unlikely that the name of the Hospital in Mombasa was "Coast Province" in The "date of registration," though hard to read, absolutely begins with the number " 28 " — which can't be a month and must be a day. Again, Lucas Daniel Smith made the mistake of writing the dates in his forgery according to an American date format: Month, Day, and Year.

But According to MombasaInfo. So Mombasa what not part of Kenya until Thus, the title " British Protectorate of Kenya " would not have been on a genuine birth certificates issued in Mombasa, in Ang'awa, the attending Doctor named on the birth certificate, never worked at any hospitals in Mombasa. Instead, Dr. Ang'awa worked at Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi. Byrne received a reply in July of Here are the questions Byrne asked of Heltan Maganga:. Logistical Problems that Defy Explanation and Evidence. There are two key questions that require a logical explanation, for the birth of Barack Obama in Mombasa to be believable:.

If the couple were in Kenya at the time of Barack, II's birth, the most likely place for them to visit was Barack Sr's hometown — and not Mombasa. They could not have flown directly to Mombasa from Hawaii back in , because an International Airport at Mombasa was not established until If Barack, Sr.

Here are photos of the Airport in Nairobi, Kenya in when it first began operation. As the crow flies, the distance between Honolulu and Nairobi is 10, miles. In , the most advanced Boeing s had a flying range of miles. This means that a direct flight from Honolulu to Nairobi was impossible, and that refueling stops would be necessary. Columnist Steve Sailor describes the multiple connecting flights required to fly from Honolulu to Nairobi in the early 60's:.

Do you know how many different flights she would have had to take to get to Kenya in ? How much would that have cost? And then you would be stuck having your baby in Africa rather than in a modern American hospital in Honolulu. Kenya and Hawaii are more or less on the opposite sides of the globe, almost as far apart as two places can be. This is a very silly idea. This Map of Pan American Flights confirms that a realistic route from Honolulu to Nairobi involves booking connecting flights.

This means a trip from Honolulu to Nairobi would involve coordinating flights from at least two separate airlines. Within two years Pan Am made a complete transition from propeller planes to jets. The traveled at a speed of about mph and had a range of miles the just prior to "model " had a range of miles , before refueling was needed. The distance between New York and London is miles. Depending upon the model of the jet, a refueling stop at Gander Bay Canada may, or may not, have been necessary.

By , the next generation Boeing , model B, had a range of miles — at which point fueling stops at Gander Bay started to diminish as airlines upgraded their fleets. Here's a LINK to a discussion about air travel in the early 60's. From this lively online discussion, I learned that the cost of air travel in the early 60's was prohibitive for the average person, and that boat travel was more commonly used for intercontinental travel because it was more affordable.

Consistent with this conclusion, a United Kingdom website states that: "Flying is not what it used to be. In the 60s it was glamorous and stylish. To fly meant you had arrived, you were part of the jet set. Certainly flying was still for the privileged few. Air travel had an image of glamour and excitement in the 60s. Air travel was for the rich and famous. Most Americans could not afford to fly, to see their loved ones in other cities, or visit exciting vacation spots. For example: A round trip ticket between Cleveland and Washington D.

Airline ticket prices were not tied to a supply-and-demand market; instead they were regulated and set by the government. So if prices were different in , it was because the government had adjusted the price. Remember, this cost scenario is an underestimate — it completely discounts the cost to travel 2, miles from Honolulu to Los Angeles, and another miles back. We assume that Barack Sr. If the couple were in Kenya at the time of Barack II's birth, the most likely place for them to visit was Barack Sr's hometown — and not Mombasa.

But then again, you know how ladies in their 8th month of pregnancy just love to attend a good Muslim Festival on a hot August day in Africa.

Barack Obama’s brother posts forged document he claims is ex-president’s ‘Kenyan birth certificate’

With the city of Nairobi miles away, why would Barack Sr. If you peruse a map of Kenya, you will see that traveling from Nyang'oma to Mombasa, a person will pass through Nairobi , the Capital of Kenya. But Barack, Sr. In , traveling to Kogelo-Nyang'oma is described as "more than an hour's drive from Kisumu along a pot-holed highway and then a rich-red dirt road. Adding the travel time from Nyang'oma to Kisumu, plus a couple of hours more to account for BAD road conditions in , a couple would spend most of a day traveling to Nairobi. And instead of checking into a hotel to rest for another day's journey to Mombasa, why not just check into a Hospital and save yourself more miles of jolting up and down on pot-holed roads.

Maybe Barack Obama Sr. Here's a photo of Kisumu Airport; you can see all 4 people who run the airport standing on the tarmac:.

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This IS an actual photo the Kisumu Airport, I was just kidding about the "4" total people who run the airport — there are really five "5" people who run the airport kidding again. Seriously, the Kisumu Airport was built in I'm still researching whether commercial flights were available from Kisumu to Mombasa in ?

No, It Wasn’t Just Racism

I seriously doubt it. Birther Alert! The mile trip from Nyang'oma to Mombasa. Barack Hussein Obama, 44th U. President, was Born in Hawaii. Both Snopes and FactCheck. The Staff of FactCheck. This is not the Long Form Birth Certificate that Obama released in April ; this Birth Certificate can be used for identification in obtaining a passport and was made available available to public perusal back in But in the end, convincing evidence that President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, is also very simple evidence: Here's an announcement of Barack's birth published in the Sunday edition of the Honolulu Advertiser, August 13, Here's the entire page within which the announcement appears in the "Advertiser":.

We suggest that those who choose to go down that path should first equip themselves with a high-quality tinfoil hat.

Obama’s Half-Brother Tweets Image of Debunked Kenya Birth Certificate

Birthers erroneously reason that merely raising the possibility that Barack Obama's grandparents could have planted the newspaper announcement is evidence enough — when in reality, it's NOT evidence at all. Proceeding without a whit of empirical evidence to support the possibility, Birthers speculate a conspiracy so improbable — a conspiracy cover-up hatched a half-century ago — that the only people who believe it are fixated ideologues driven by pure political bias. But a dangerously large segment of the birth certificate hunters have lurched into rabid Truther territory Did a fortune-teller place it in the paper knowing he would run for president?

And they accuse anyone who disagrees with them of being part and parcel of the grand plan to install Emperor Obama and usurp the rule of law. I believe Barack Obama was born in Hawaii on U. Propaganda via Email: Discerning Dishonest Tactics. But where is the evidence that Barack Obama has spent two 2 million trying to hide details about his birth?

Was IS Leader al-Baghdadi Released from a U.S. Prison in Obama Era?

The email simply asserts and does not back the claim with evidence. And we all know. Saying it, doesn't make it so! Another tell-tale tactic employed by propaganda pushers is sending out emails written by. People who fabricate lies, do not want to be identified. Forwarded emails written by Anonymous Authors are Red Flags signaling unreliable information. When an email simply "says it" — it asserts this or that as fact and offers no evidence to back the claim this is another Red Flag that points to. The following quote from the email appears to give a credible source of evidence:.

He called me up a few minutes ago and said "Sir Edward F. But the anonymous author of the email refers to an anonymous "history buff," and unless such "sources" have names and addresses, Mr History Buff might as well be the Easter Bunny, because any attempt to follow-up and verify are impossible. Now for more smoke and mirrors, in leau of evidence, here is the supposed Source for the existence of Sir Edward F.

go site Saying it. The deluge of Forwarded Propaganda that intrudes upon email boxes everywhere, is notorious for simply asserting a false message; the author of the propaganda is usually unidentified, and the message has no references that link to verifiable evidence. Speaking of verifiable evidence, there is no such person as "Sir Edward F. Lavender" who was supposedly a Registrar in Mombasa in On the other hand, there IS a person named G. Lavender , who was a Registrar in South Australia in And on a hot day in August, , we are to believe that Ann Dunham wants to go swimming in the Indian ocean about pm.

She's supposedly attending a Muslim Festival on a very hot day, thousands of miles from her Hawaii home. Here Mrs. Obama is 8. Why are the couple in Kenya in the first place? Did Barack Sr. Or did Granny Sarah travel miles alone to meet up with Barack, Sr. This after the couple completed a 10, mile flight from Hawaii? The logistics of the rendezvous just don't make sense. Here is the account that Granny Sarah Onyango Obama allegedly gave:. Mother had been refused entry to airplanes due to her 9 month pregnancy.

It was a hot August day at the festival so the Obama's went to the beach to cool off. While swimming in the ocean his mother experienced labor pains so was rushed to the Coast Provincial General Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya where Obama was born a few hours later at pm on August 4, Here's the problem with this account: Granny Sarah Onyango does not speak English, her native tongue is Swahili. Thus the above statement has to be a translation of her words, from Swahili to English. Such a translation would result in uneven English, instead of a smoothly written account.

Where is the Swahili version? And who was the translator of the Swahili version into English? They refuse to believe a birth certificate Obama provided in a white house press conference [3] is real. In Arizona they tried to put O off the ballot until they get further docs from Hawaii real birth place. So — we want to give them the evidence, and embarrass them later, right before the election, showing how they fell for it.

Our footage will be easy to prove as a spoof, as it will include incriminating pieces linking it to Nimrod Nimrod will be holding a super16mm camera pointing it to an iPhone Hipstamatic app visible in the making-of film , and to VICE, also a Gawker reporter will be witness. We set up a hospital-like room or film in real hospital see attached photos. Silent film. He stays on her for 30sec then moves on. Her name is clearly visible on bedside. Black nurses surround her, Kenyan flags, calendar. A birth certificate will not be shown.

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