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When mailing the application package, be sure to include a photocopy of a valid government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license or a military identification card. Additionally, the application must be notarized. The New Way: Keep in mind that there is an even faster and more convenient way to get Texas birth certificates online. Why choose FastBirthCertificates.

Our secure online services give you the perfect opportunity to obtain vital records that you can use to verify your identity for legal purposes. The State of Texas requires the applicant to submit identification and a signed authorization form to receive a birth certificate.

Identification must be government issued, such as a driver license, state ID, or passport. Birth Certificate Texas provides 24 hour expedited Texas Department of State Health Services Vital Statistics records research and rush document retrieval services for companies and people worldwide in Austin, TX for any of the below recordable State of Texas documents for any of the counties in Texas….

Certified copy of a Texas birth certificate long form, short form, or heirloom - bassinet or flag designs. Certified copy of a Texas death certificate.

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Texas birth record verification letters. Texas death record verification letters. Texas marriage verification letters not Texas marriage licenses those can only be obtained in the Texas county of where you were married at. Texas divorce verification letters not Texas divorce decrees those can only be obtained in the Texas county of where you were divorced at. Certified Copies or.

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Download, fill out, print out, and get this one-page Texas birth certificate authorization form PDF notarized. Once the form has been properly signed and notarized scan it and email it back to us. You can use a public notary in any of the fifty U. S states to notarize this required form but you cannot use a foreign country non-USA notary. S passport, U. S state identification card, U.

S military ID card or U. S permanent resident card. Download, fill out, and email us back our one-page expedited Texas birth certificate replacement order form PDF. We need to know what type of Texas birth certificate you want ordered long form, short form, or heirloom and how many official certified raised seal birth certificate copies that you want to order. Most people order two to three of them at a time.

Visit www. Download, fill out, print out, and get this one-page Texas death certificate authorization form PDF notarized. Delaware Birth Certificate. Birth Certificate. Hawaii Birth Certificate. Idaho Birth Certificate. Indiana Birth Certificate. Iowa Birth Certificate. Kansas Birth Certificate. Louisiana Birth Certificate.

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    Wyoming Birth Certificate. This site uses cookies for web analytics. By browsing this site, you accept our Cookies Policy. I agree. Birth Certificate Application. US Birth Certificates Texas. Texas Birth Certificate replacement Perhaps you have lost your birth certificate or it is damaged and you need a replacement.

    Authorized VS informational copy Before you apply for a replacement Birth Certificate from Texas, it is essential that you know the difference between an authorized copy and an informational copy of the birth certificate. You can use a certified copy for the purposes mentioned above. You may order a certified copy on behalf of another person, as long as you are eligible.