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Introduction to Voice Over IP

Nexmo, the Vonage API platform, lets businesses rapidly innovate customized voice and messaging communications. With only a few lines of code, developers can deploy new experiences that will delight your customers. Enter your mobile phone number to start. You should have received a 4 digit verification code. Enter the code here. Didn't receive a code? Try entering a different phone number.

Next, enter in a sentence anything that comes to mind and select a voice. Nexmo has many pre-configured voices available in multiple languages; the below is just a sample.

What features and capabilities do you look for in voice over IP phones?

Want to go deeper? See developer documentation here. Gone are the days where you had to find a pay phone or purchase a calling card in order to make a phone call. Nowadays, VoIP providers enable people to simply dial their loved ones no matter where they are by plugging into their internet network. Thanks to VoIP, companies like Viber are able to supply their users with free calling services and free video calling services.

VoIP enables anyone with a reasonable quality internet connection to get phone service delivered through their connection instead of from a phone company or a calling card.

Voice over IP

Viber Out uses VoIP to establish the connection between the caller and the Viber Out service so that when the call reaches the Viber Out service servers, the servers send the call to the carrier network of the called party. This option addresses customer privacy issues as well as connected number displays that are meaningless to phone users. The default setting specifies false. Related References Call Park.

Related Information Call Display Restrictions. A hotel environment, which might have the following needs, frequently requires this functionality: For calls between a guest room and the front desk, both the room and the front desk should see the call information display of each other. For calls between guest rooms, the rooms should not see the call information display of each other.

For calls between guest rooms and other hotel extensions such as the club house , only the rooms should see the call information display. For external calls from the public switched telephone network PSTN to the front desk or guest rooms, the call information of the caller should not display if the display settings are restricted.

Keep Your Number

For all calls to the front desk, the call information of internal calls should display. When the front desk transfers a call from a guest room to security, the room phone shows only the dialed number for the front desk. Call Display Restrictions Enablement The basis for the functionality of the Call Display Restrictions feature is calls being routed through different translation patterns before the calls are extended to the actual device. Translation Pattern Configuration To enable Call Display Restrictions, configure translation patterns with different levels of display restrictions by choosing the appropriate option for the calling line ID presentation and the connected line ID presentation parameters.

Tip You must configure partitions and calling search spaces, along with translation patterns.

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Connected Number Display When a call routes through a translation or route pattern, routes to a Call Forward All or Call Forward Busy destination, or gets redirected through a call transfer or CTI application, the connected number display updates to show the modified number or redirected number. Related Tasks Configure the Phone.

Related References Extension Mobility. Front Desk calls Room-1, and Front Desk transfers the call to Room-2 - The final connected parties, Room-1 and Room-2, cannot see the call information display of each other. External PSTN calls Room-1 - Room-1 honors the presentation of the external caller; the external caller cannot see the call information display of Room Room-1 calls Front Desk - Both phones display the call information of each other.

Room-1 calls Room-2 - Neither phone can see the call information display of the other. Room-1 calls Front Desk, and Front Desk transfers the call to Room-2 - The final connected parties, Room-1 and Room-2, cannot see the call information display of each other. Room-1 calls Front Desk-1, and Front Desk-1 transfers the call to Front Desk-2 - The final connected parties, Room-1 and Front Desk-2, can see the call information display of each other. Room-1 calls Room-2, and Room-2 transfers the call to Front Desk - Room-1 and Front Desk see the call information display of each other.

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Club House calls Room-1 - Club House cannot display the call information; Room-1 can see the call information display. All parties in a conference call - All phones see "To Conference" for the call information display. Interactions This section describes how the Call Display Restrictions feature interacts with Cisco Unified Communications Manager applications and call processing features.

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Call Park When the Call Display Restrictions feature is used with Call Park, you must configure an associated translation pattern for each individual call park number to preserve the Call Display Restrictions feature; you cannot configure a single translation pattern to cover a range of call park numbers. The administrator configures a separate translation pattern for each call park directory number and configures the display settings to Restricted.

In the current scenario, the administrator creates translations patterns for , , Note For the Call Display Restrictions feature to work correctly, the administrator must configure separate translation patterns and not a single translation pattern for a range of numbers such as 77x or 77[]. Room-1 calls Room Room-2 answers the call, and Room-1 parks the call. When Room-1 retrieves the call, Room-2 does not see Room-1 call information display. Conference List When you use Call Display Restrictions, you restrict the display information for the list of participants in a conference. Conference and Voice Mail When Call Display Restrictions are used with features such as conference and voice mail, the call information display on the phones reflects that status.

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Configure Call Display Restrictions To use Call Display Restrictions, make sure that you perform the following Cisco Unified Communications Manager configurations: Configure partitions and calling search spaces before you add a translation pattern. Configure translation patterns with different levels of display restrictions. From the Phone Configuration window, check the "Ignore Presentation Restriction internal calls only " check box to ensure that the call information display for internal calls is always visible.

Configure individual, associated translation patterns for each individual Call Park directory number, to work with the Call Park feature. Set the "Always Display Original Dial Number" service parameter to True to ensure privacy and to block connected number updates for redirected calls.