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Please see the attached document. Attendance Incentives- The Division of Human Resources is working coming up with ideas and ways to provide incentives for Substitutes who accept jobs on a consistent basis, etc. This is called the Substitute Preference List. Once a preference list is created and established by a Substitute, Subfinder will only call the Substitute for the school listed on the Substitute preferred list.

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All Substitutes have been asked to update their preferences by August Modify ACA substitute teaching threshold. As opposed to only allowing Subs to work 16 days per month, the limit will be changed to 80 days per semester. Both numbers are unacceptable.

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Teachers covering classes on their planning periods in high schools is real punishment to the teacher. Splitting students among working teachers in elementary schools is a terrible burden.

No one wants to be a referee they want to teach. Our schools are poorly staffed from the principal right on down. We now need to find the good folks we have and let them teach while backing them up and jettisoning all the dead wood from our central office down through the schools. Green needs to go work diligently on personnel right away.

The next move he needs to make is to get a competent forthright person as a CFO. No more cash shell game moving. Ours system needs to be entirely on accrual so it does not lag 3 months behind reality. Thank you.

Sub shortage leaves schools scrambling when teachers call in sick

Is staff attendance in DeKalb County significantly different from other counties? Is the problem really that teachers are humans with families who occasionally get sick and always have obligations outside of the schoolhouse? I would love to hear her justify that statement. If staff attendance is an issue, what are the root causes? Could it be the culture of the district which does respect or value teachers?

Staff attendance is NOT a bigger issue than the inability of the HR department to put substitutes in classrooms. That is the problem here. Also, my brother teaches in Rochester, MN. That school district uses Subfinder and he reports it works well. He told me that every once in a blue moon there is an unfilled teacher absence, but it is rare. Does that happen in DeKalb County?

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My understanding is that the teacher turnover rate in Dekalb County has consistently far exceeded that of any other Metro-Atlanta county. The HR department has gone, in large numbers, to places such as Chicago to recruit teachers while not making a serious effort to recruit within Georgia or neighboring States. For years, I have been calling for a system that would measure performance, a pay system that would reward excellence while also, at a minimum, not rewarding the lack of performance. Green should focus like a laser on the people who report directly to him. That is where he can have an immediate impact.

My complaint lies on the other side of the coin. I saw that there was an Open House for substitute teachers in DeKalb County this past winter so I even called ahead to two of the schools.

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One said that the principal would not be there but the other said to come by between something like and pm. I did finally receive a call back from another school and even had the principal recommend me. I never heard another word. Red tape and frustration. Email Address.

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Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them. Moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue. StanJester — FactChecker. Record, transcribe, summarize and monitor the factual accuracy of what is said in public by the DeKalb Schools board and administration. Skip to content. Like this: Like Loading A list of more alternate routes to certification in Georgia can be found at the Georgia Professional Standards Commission website.

Interstate reciprocity is a program that allows teachers certified in one state to teach in another state.

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To find out which other state teaching licenses can be used in Georgia, visit the Teach. For more specific questions about your situation, contact the Georgia Department of Education. The Georgia Public School System runs Teach Georgia , a site where teachers can search for employment by school district and job title.

Learn more about finding a teaching job. Georgia provides additional pay incentives for those willing to teach in high needs school districts, or in shortage subjects. Georgia teachers can retire at age 60 with 10 years of service, or at any age after 30 years of service. Georgia also offers additional benefits to teachers, such as health care plans and an annual number of sick days. The United States Department of Education defines a Teacher Shortage Area TSA as a subject matter or grade level within a state in which there is an inadequate supply of elementary or secondary teachers. The shortage may be caused by teaching positions that are unfilled or are filled by teachers who have temporary certification or teach in in academic subject other than their area of preparation. A PLC consists of members of a school who follow agreed upon norms to focus collaborative work on teaching and learning.

The cycle of work is described as,. Georgia also follows the Learning Forward standards for staff development. This Professional Learning Association council is widely recognized as a leader in the field of professional development. The standards are based on three questions: What are the students expected to know and be able to do?

What are teachers expected to know and be able to do to ensure student success? Where must staff development focus to meet both of these goals? Teachers work in a cohort style method based on their subject areas and grade levels. Upon completion a Mentor Teacher distinction from the Department of Education. It is no longer enough to just have years of experience for teaching.

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After No Child Left Behind and other academic quantification measures, the careers of teachers increasingly depend on their results in the classroom. A master's degree in the field of education will give you more educational theory and classroom skills, as well as more hands-on student teaching experience with a mentor.

Learn more about the benefits of a Master of Arts in Teaching vs. Master of Education on Teach. Sponsored Program. Become a Teacher in Georgia Choose the statement that best describes you to jump to applicable information. An Aspiring Teacher in Georgia. A Teacher Moving to Georgia. A Teacher in Georgia. Teaching in Georgia Snapshot. Through live online classes and enriching field experiences in your community, you can earn your MAT in less than 18 months without relocating. Vanderbilt University Master of Education in School Counseling Learn more about Vanderbilt Peabody Vanderbilt University's Peabody College offers an online Master of Education in human development counseling with a specialization in school counseling for students interested in becoming school counselors and making a meaningful difference in K—12 settings.