Trace ip to a location

If you want to know the exact place of the ip address you can contact the Internet service provider. This is great and all, but every time I try to use this through my laptop my requests time out. Any suggestions?

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Ping also works too if the location or nodes along the way aren't blocking ICMP requests ports Thought I'd try it out using my own websites. It locates me to a forest in Germany!! Not even in the same country. It does tell me however that I own it, which is nice to know. LOL I've read so many stupid comments on this. Honestly all of you who say you use your own website.

If you did have your own website then you would know that this IS the right thing.

IP Address GeoIP2 Precision Data

If however you don't have the server in your house, or how badlads is, in another country. Then guess what. Chances are, thats where the server that everyone connects to in order to get to your site is. Also, if you don't have your own IP your internet service provider either 1, randomly assigns you one each time you connect or 2.

If you have 1, itll trace the company, if you have 2 theres a good chance itll trace you. If you DONT know how this works, dont call it a fraud, dont say it doesn't work.

IP Location Finder API

People rarely get mad at things that aren't directed at them. But if the insult includes them then theyll hit thumbs down :. By using website iplogger. Any actions taken by the User after obtaining any information through iplogger. You may access and use services of iplogger. By using iplogger. Also by using iplogger. Remember on this device. Forgotten your password?

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How the Geolocation Works

This email address will be required for password recovery and receiving statistics reports for your IPLoggers. I agree with Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I want to receive news and notifications to the mailbox. Legal person. Sign in. The internet landscape is changing, and as many other web services we are implementing stricter practices to protect your personal information from unauthorized disclosure and to be more transparent on what is done with your personal information and how you can control how your information is used and distributed.

The best way to hide your IP address is to use a virtual private network.

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To learn more about the Tor browser and anonymous browsing, read our anonymous browsing guide and our VPN vs. Tor guide. Hopefully, this guide has given you a better understanding of how to find an IP address and look one up. If you have tips or tricks we missed, let us know in the comments or tweet at us. As always, thanks for reading. I would like to know if an IP address of the person who uploaded a video on a website like youtube can be traced back.

Even if they use the Tor network when they uploaded it.

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  6. I had read that because those videos are done in flash, which is unfriendly with Tor, they can not hide through Tor so the person who uploaded it can be traced back to its home. I would be very grateful if you answer my question.

    IP Location API Usage

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    IP Trace - Trace IP address or web site/domain

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